Read N’ Hop N’ Drink – Wednesday, December. 12th!

November was National Novel Writing Month and it swiftly passed us by! Members of The Vagabond Trust committed themselves to work as diligently (and prolifically) as possible on various novel projects. In celebration of our hard work, we are presenting an evening of original novel exerts! We’ve even asked along some of our novelist friends to join us.

The really exciting part? *drum roll* This is a double bill! Like a pub crawl, only with less drinking and more reading. A clever idea courtesy of our host for the evening, Micah O’Donnell. We’re calling it “Read N’ Hop N’ Drink”

We’re starting at…

Westminster Books, (445 King Street) at 6:00 PM.

We’ll be moving to…

Wilser’s Room, (362 Queen Street) for 7:30 PM, where we will be reading until 9 o’clock or so, or until the Reggae Night crowd boo us off stage.

Spend the whole evening with us, or only come for half!

Featuring readings by:

John Barlow
Amanda Jardine
Corenski Nowlan
Nick Piers
Jordan Trethewey
Mike Woodside

& Special Guest, Raymond Fraser!!!*

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One Response to Read N’ Hop N’ Drink – Wednesday, December. 12th!

  1. Jordan

    Oh yeah! Some good, old-fashioned entertainment to cozy up with during the holidays!