Tips on NFLD. dialect

Well, hello there,

Thought I’d share some recent feedback on a new story of mine set in an Newfoundland outport village. The comments are funny and fab and helped me tighten up my regional dialect a bit. They are provided by Dodi Pretty, artist, Chapel Arm Nfld. resident, mother of the Groundhog Timberbeast and all-round wonderful person. Enjoy. And thanks again, Mamma Dodi.


Hi Luv,

Dis story wus pretty darn good if ya ask me. Now den if ya really wants me feedback I don’t mind givin ya some iders. Now to start wit us Newfies has a good reson to talk like we does. We just don’t have time fer all the fancy stuff, like th in a word. Sur we does pretty good wen we leaves it out all togedder.This and that becomes dis and dat, these and those becomes dese and dose, enerything is everyting and thanks is tanks by. Now I knowns ye is from da mainland and ye has a lot of spar time on ya hands but youell get it if ye tries hard enuf. Anudder fancy word ye uses is “my”when referring to belongins. Well on da rock everyting is me belongins; like me car and me dog and me nuts, and me coveralls, and lets not ferget me muddder and me fadder or me brudder or me dauter. Also you wus at the market ferget dat “were” word, I can’t figer dat one out. Try usin wus it’s a nicer word. We sometimes puts an extra s wherever we wants it. Like I gots to go pottie, or we gets stuff from da shop. To sav even more time we drops all da g’s from anythin endin in g likes me weddin dress and jumpin rope. Some long words like fabulous sur we’d take all day to say dat, so we says fablos and visitor is vistor. Now me old trout, I hopes dis helps ye out some. I’ve enjoyed writtin it. God luck bucky and long may yer big jib draw.

Loves ya and wonderin wen youll be headin back dis way.

Momma Dodi

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One Response to Tips on NFLD. dialect

  1. CampEyeComet

    Lord luv a duck!

    Sure do miss Dodi and ten sum after readin dis.

    Maybe we otts ta consider goin back ta ur roamin ‘ome.