Library Scissorbill launches Gumdrops with Goundhog Timberbeast

F’-ing A!

The moment we have been eagerly anticipating has arrived.

No, not the black hole machine-induced apocalypse, rather,

The launch of Jordan Stewart’s first book of short stories: Greetings!  From Gumdrop Mountain (published by Loose Teeth Press).

AND Step Taylor’s first published play: Chapel Arm (Scirocco Drama)

Where: The Grad House in Fredericton (676 Windsor St.)

When: December 4 @ 8 pm, suckas!

Who: J-Stew, Step-O and the mighty Vagabonds reading the insane, whimsical words of their brothers-in-ink

Cost: Bring moula for Beer and Books (both insanely reasonable in price at Alden Nowlan’s former abode.



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3 Responses to Library Scissorbill launches Gumdrops with Goundhog Timberbeast

  1. JStew

    I fear this will be the night Fredericton is obliterated.

  2. Corenski

    Can’t imagine why I wouldn’t be there… pretty unbooked schedule. Fun it will be!

  3. CampEyeComet

    Goodness! Wish I could be thar, boyz.

    Killer prose, assasin drahma: knock Fredtown dead.