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Deep literary thoughts

Along similar lines, I believe poetry is most effective when it contains personal thoughts mixed with discovered truths. No flowers necessary.-JT PS: I’ve uploaded as many photos from our summer Scheherazade read in SJ under Vagabond photos. If anyone can get more to work, please do.

Saint John

@ Scheherazade Book Store, November. 19th, 2011 The Library Scissorbill, Jordan Stewart. He was paid the big bucks to make this appearance! Baraby Airdale, Kyle Peters and he’s doing stuff!!! The guy J-Stew’s looking at is unknown, but clearly J-Stew is thinking about killing him. Kyle… plotting against us. As usual. Box-cor Breezer, Corenski Nowlan! […]

How to Shoot Skeet with My Grandfather’s Lost Double Barrel

Belated congratulations to Vagabond friend and associate, Danny Jacobs, whose poem How to Shoot Skeet with My Grandfather’s Lost Double Barrel won the 2009 Grain magazine poetry prize ($1,250!). I remember him reading it at a QWERTY event and it’s a good one. JT

“Lunch at Dusty’s” by Step Taylor

A wee poem of mine has been published at Do check out their site – they’ve got short fiction, poetry, cartoons, contests, etc. etc. etc. You can read “Lunch at Dusty’s” here

Big Books Launch this Friday Night!!

Jordan Stewart and Step Taylor will be launching their new books this Friday, December 4th at the Grad House in Fredericton, NB! ***The Grad House (or The Alden Nowlan House) is located at 676 Windsor Street on the western edge of Campus between Albert St. and Kings College.*** Come! 8:00pm Meet N Drink 9:00pm Reading […]

LAC posts WWI images on flickr.

The Library Archive of Canada has posted 270 photos, paintings, and other images from World War I on flickr. Which is pretty convenient, since our very own Jordan Trethewey has been working on a little something that takes place (partially) during that war. (via boing boing)

Join the comment crusade!

Hey bud-dies, Share your thoughts on Step’s “Chapel Arm” at the Chapters/Indigo site. Let’s get Agnes to keep her copy! JT


*** The night makes me order pizza and write poetry because I’m a bad cook and wannabe writer. Two years ago I still lived with you. I wrote less but ate better and the night only made me cuddle.


For those of you who are as piqued as I am about the upcoming titillating title Dinosaur Porn. JT

Library Scissorbill launches Gumdrops with Goundhog Timberbeast

F’-ing A! The moment we have been eagerly anticipating has arrived. No, not the black hole machine-induced apocalypse, rather, The launch of Jordan Stewart’s first book of short stories: Greetings!  From Gumdrop Mountain (published by Loose Teeth Press). AND Step Taylor’s first published play: Chapel Arm (Scirocco Drama) Where: The Grad House in Fredericton (676 […]